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Hashtag where’s the snow?  (I don’t really do #, can you tell?)  We had been expecting the Twin Cities to wake up to snow, snow, and more snow today.  I had heard that some airlines were even waving the fees to change your flights into and out of Minnesota for those who didn’t want to chance problems.  Luckily, winter didn’t quite make the comeback that had been forecasted (at least where I live).

Incase you are feeling a little nostalgic this morning and wanting to have a few last minutes of winter, this adult beverage won’t disappoint.  Chai and Rumchata are perfect together.  Warm, vanilla and cinnamon-y goodness, that is great for anytime of the year (but it may remind you of the holidays with it’s flavors).  This drink would also be great to serve at a brunch.  Step aside Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, there’s a new drink option to drink at brunch!


Chai & RumChata
1 shot RumChata (or similar horchata liquor)
1 Chai tea bag (mine was Vanilla Chai, not necessary, plain Chai will work just as well).
1 cup hot water
1/4 cup milk, warmed
1 T. sugar

1. Heat your water either on your stove top or via your microwave.  Water should be HOT!

2. Add tea bag to hot water, allow to steep for 4-5 minutes.


3. Remove tea bag and discard.  Stir in sugar and warmed milk.  Add 1 shot of Rumchata.

4. Stir and enjoy, making sure the beverage isn’t too hot before you commit to a big sip.

Notes: you can use a Chai latte mix, like Oregon Chai.  If you do, follow their directions and add the shot of RumChata once your beverage is mixed per the package instructions.


Happy Friday!



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