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I am DIY-ing again today!  As mentioned yesterday in the Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet post yesterday, I have been getting into essential oils more and looking for ways to use them besides just the typical diffuser and roller options.

I ran across this idea and thought, OMG this is awesome!  It’s brilliant and somewhat mocks the stereotypical air freshener that you could buy at a gas station.  It’s also very cheap and easy!  And BONUS, it’s reusable and customizable to your favorite oil preferences!  (If you really aren’t liking the tree, as it might remind you of Christmas, choose a different shape: star, sun, rectangle, circle, whatever makes you happy).

Needle or Sewing Machine
Ribbon, yarn, or twine

1. Trace the tree pattern lightly onto one piece of green felt.  Cut a second piece of felt big enough to fit the tree.



2. Cut both pieces of felt at the same time, following your tree outline.  Be careful not to move your top piece of felt much once you start cutting as you want the trees to be as close to the same shape and size as possible.


3. Sew along the outer edge of your tree.  If your felt shifts while sewing, carefully trim any over-hanging areas to make your tree look well lined up again.


4. Fold over the top of your tree.  With your scissors, make a tiny vertical cut in the tree.  This will be where your ribbon, yarn, or twine goes through to hang your diffuser in your car.


5.  Add your ribbon, yarn, or twine through the tree.  Make sure you leave enough to either wrap around your rear-view mirror or through one of your air vents.


6. Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and hang in your car.  Hang in your vehicle and trim any excess ribbon, yarn, or twine you used.  Refresh your oil ever couple days or as often as you deem necessary.  Wait a couple days between switching oil scents.

Notes:  I will upload a printable later today with the tree outline I used.  This would also make a great gift to an essential-oil loving friend, relative, or even an end of the year gift for a teacher along with 1 or 2 oils (thinking maybe include a “calming” and a “joy” scent?)

Happy DIY-ing!

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