Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet


I’m a little late, but I’m just getting into the essential oils game.  I haven’t done much with them in the past, but I bought a diffuser a couple weeks ago for my daughter’s room.  Ever since, I’ve been looking into other ideas to use with oils (you will see them appearing soon).  Today I got motivated to DIY this bracelet.  I saw something very similar on Etsy last night.  I was so inspired, I went out today about bought the stuff to make it and wanted to share it with the blogging world.  Super fun and exciting!


I meant to wrap my wrist 3 times, however I failed a bit on figuring out how much would be taken away from knots and braiding.  I am still in love tho.  This wraps twice around my wrist and will diffuse any essential oil.  The key is to wait a couple days in-between scents (unless you don’t mind them mixing).


Faux Suede Cording (approximately 72 inches, or 6 feet)
1 button (with a big enough hole(s) to fit the cording through)

1. Cut one piece of suede cording to 24 inches, leave the other at 48 inches.  (You may need to increase these measurements by a couple inches if you have a larger wrist).


2. Take your button and thread through the longer piece of suede cording and place in the middle.


3.  Tie a knot with all three cords close to the button, securing it in place.


4. Braid the 3 cords until you have reached your desired length (making sure it will fit your wrist).  Tie another knot, leave a gap big enough to fit the button you have used through, and tie your final knot.

5. Cut off any excess cording.


6. Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the top of the cording.  It will dry quickly.  Refresh your oil or change the scent after a couple days!

VOILA!  A DIY diffuser bracelet that is adorable and awesome!

Notes: Mine ended up being about 15.5 inches long.


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