Orange Dreamsicle


Today it is 61 degrees outside.  I have my windows cracked and it is glorious!  I am excited for spring.  Winters in Minnesota are not fun and I’m just kinda over it.  What a great Friday and start to the weekend!

At my house, I have a couple of bottles of random alcohol left over from mixing different drinks for other events.  For the blog, I’m  making it a point to mix something new once a week and write a post about it.  It’s kinda fun trying these new drink recipes, as these days I usually pretty boring and typically just stick to red wine and beer.  Here’s my latest concoction.  Sweet and delicious.  This tastes very much like an orange creamsicle.

If you are wondering why I didn’t name it orange creamsicle, it’s because that’s boring.  I just turned 30 this year and have two kids, I’m trying really hard not to be boring.  In all honesty,  naming a drink something silly is part of my excitement for the week (sad, I know, but what can you do).

Orange Dreamsicle

1 shot cake vodka
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup Sprite (or other lemon-lime soda)
4-5 ice cubes

Mix all ingredient in a glass and enjoy!


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