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Last minute crunch for a teacher’s gift?  Fear not.  This is a simple, quick, easy, (and cheap) gift idea for your kid’s teachers.  As mentioned before, my daughter is in a special ed program.  That means she has 5 different people she sees on a daily-bases.  Not to leave anyone out (or break the bank) I decided on hand soap.


For teacher’s gifts, I’m really into giving them something consumable.  I feel like everyone is always trying to get rid of clutter.  As to not to add to it, I stick to giving stuff their teachers will use up in a timely-manner.  I can’t imagine every holiday what happens when a teacher receives gifts from 20 students, a teacher only needs soo many coffee mugs!


Print on plain old printer paper or card stock.  Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the heart.  User twine or ribbon to attach to the soap (or lotion, or whatever you have to give).  Sit back and relax!

Click the link below for the free printable pdf with 8 tags:
*Note, the printable is meant to be printed landscape (or the long way)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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