Be Mine Sign & Paper Hearts


Jess and I made this sign a couple weeks ago now and I’ve been meaning to put a post up about mine as it is almost Valentine’s Day. (oops!)



The tutorial is HERE with a free printable to use as a pattern.  We decided to use one solid piece of wood for our signs and also add screwed in hooks to help us hang it.  (If you have figured out by the context of this, we Jess and I both made one).


Other notes: we stained both side of out boards.  We are planning on painting the other side= double trouble!  Just kidding, but we do have intentions on making a sign on the opposite side so that it is reversible.  (This is a big reason we chose to screw the hook in the top, to insure that we could hang it either direction).

*PS- from experience, do not try to use a paint pen on stain that has not had enough time to dry.  It does not work.

Isn’t it cute in my front entry?


I added the paper fabric heart garland to my sign and my front door.  I was able to make all 26 little paper hearts out of 1 piece of scrap book paper.  I used a cookie cutter that I had that was heart shaped to trace.  Feel free to free hand draw a heart or find one online to print out and trace around.  Sew like you you would fabric, and over-lap the edge with the next heart to keep going!   Good luck!



Happy Valentine’s and DIY-ing!

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