Pink Dragon


You know those days that you are dead tired, but still want (maybe need) a drink?  You’ve had a rough day or week and just need some caffeine and alcohol at the same time?  This adult bevie is for you.  The Dragon Fruit energy drink mix with the orange juice make this beverage tropical and sweet.

I’m partial to drinking these out of my reusable cups with screw lids and a straw.  You can drink it out of any old glass you want.  I think my habit of mixing these in a straw/lid cup started over the summer, when I would take these out on the deck or down to the beach at the cabin in the summer (keeps the bugs out and prevents spilling).

As I mentioned before, I’m sticking with my pre-Valentine’s theme of pink.  These would be great for a fun new cocktail for Valentine’s Day or for a ladies’ night.   Enjoy and as always, drink responsibly! 


Pink Dragon
1 shot vodka (or 2, depending on your mood)
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup Sprite (or similar soda)
1/2 cup water
1 Dragon Fruit energy drink mix (sold at Walmart, see photo above for package)
handful ice

Place all ingredients in a glass, stir well and enjoy!


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