Date Night in a Jar


Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner?  Need a cheap (free) Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other? Let’s talk about a DIY Date Night in a Jar.  This is totally customizable based on your relationship and interests.  I had all the supplies needed, so it only cost me my time to make.  If you don’t have a mason jar, head to your local craft shop, dollar store, or thrift store.  You should be able to fine one at either location that is sold individually and not in a set of 12.

Mason Jar (Mine is a quart size with a wide mouth top)
White printer paper or card stock
Sharpies/ markers
Ribbon (optional)

First, you will need to cut your paper into strips.  I used a scrapbook cutter I have.  A scissors will work fine too.  My strips are 1 inch by 5 1/2 inches.  Feel free to cut any size you want or makes sense for the size of the paper you are using.

Next, figure out the dates to be included in your jar.  Write the date ideas on the strips of paper and fold in half.  I used a color coding system to separate the dates into 3 categories: 1- date night in, 2- date night out, 3- date night out with advanced planning needed.

My jar includes the following dates:

Date night in ideas:
1. Do brain teasers together
2. Look at our wedding album
3. Create a map of all of the place we have been together
4. “Drive-in movie”- take laptop into a vehicle in the garage (with snacks) and watch a movie
5. Draw each other’s portraits, left handed
6. Draw Blueprints to a dream house
7. Read-a-thon.  Snuggle up together and read for enjoyment, not for work.
8. YouTube comedy night- find videos of live comedy acts and enjoy some laughs
9. Play a board game
10. Poker Night (include chips and beer)
11.  Bonfire and S’mores (we have a nice fire pit in our backyard)
12. Buy a new 6-pack of beer we’ve never had and find a movie we haven’t seen on Netflix
13. Plan a dream vacation to anywhere together
14. Bubble bath together
15. Play “HORSE” with the kid’s Little Tikes basketball hoop (hoop can be moved anywhere in the house)
16. YouTube Blueman Group- watch a live recording
17. Do a cross-word puzzle together
18. Give back massages to each other
19. Make dessert crepes together
20. Find a concert on YouTube of an artist we both agree on
21. Star Wars marathon (watch at least 1 movie and over the next days/weeks watch the rest)
22. Take a virtual tour of a museum online= Louvre, Smithsonian of Natural History, or National Gallery of Art
23. Blow up the air mattress, put it in the living room and watch a movie with popcorn
24. Fondue night- melt some chocolate and start dipping!
25. Picnic (winter= inside, summer= take some snacks outside)
26. Bake cookies
27. Play a round or two of cribbage
28. Play “Remember when…”
29. Beer tasting at home.  Mix and match a 6-pack at the liquor store.  Sit back and relax while trying the different beers.
30. Make homemade soft pretzels and beer night
31. Write a bucket list together
32.  Make homemade ice cream together
33. Water balloon fight (summer only!)
34. Buy a fancy dessert at the grocery store or restaurant (to go), get dressed up, dim the kitchen lights, light a candle and have a fancy dessert at home date

Date night out ideas:
1. Go Hiking
2. Go to a drive-in movie
3. Go cross-country skiing
4. Set up a frisbee golf course in the backyard/ go to a course together and play
5. Find a roller-rink, dress up in 80’s garb
6. Food crawl= appetizer, main course, and dessert all at different locations
7. Go rollerblading
8. Go to a shooting range
9. Get fancy dressed up and go out for ice cream
10. Brewery tour
11. Brewery tour (we like breweries and beer!)
12. Go bowling
13. Go mini-golfing
14. Go ice-skating
15. Go wine tasting
16. Go for a bike ride somewhere new
17. Pick out outfits for each other at a thrift store, then go out for drinks
18. Go to Dave and Busters and play arcade games

Date night out with advanced planning ideas:
1. Museum (needs to be a day-time date)
2. Find Bingo at a community hall nearby
3. Go see a stand-up comedian
4. Find a Groupon and do/eat whatever is found
5. Attend a local festival
6. Go to a Twin’s game together
7. Overnight at a hotel near food and booze

These are just the ones that I thought fit our personalities and interests.  When making yours, find date ideas that interest you and your significant other.

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